Is encryption only used for illegal purposes?

Apparently, more and more torrent users are resorting to encryption. There is a suggestion by a BPI spokesman that this technology is being used to hide illegal activities.

The BPI is an arm of the RIAA, so it is no wonder that they come to a conclusion that suits their political agenda. Perhaps there is another explanation?

Here in Canada, it has been shown that a major ISP intentionally degrades torrent traffic on their network. Recently in the US, another ISP has revealed that they too degrade torrent traffic.

Perhaps the copyright industry, with all of their lawsuits, have created an environment where everyone is completely paranoid about torrent traffic? Maybe this has given ISPs the excuse they need to adversely affect traffic that puts a high demand on their oversold capacity?

Of course, this response might only suit my political agenda. To really find out why people use bittorrent and encryption, perhaps we should ask them?

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Hidden agenda?

I guess I don't mind agenda's when they are visible.

In my case, I have no love for the bottlenecks created by the old-media telephone and cable companies. My ideal situation is one where we use the methods we used to build the key infrastructure for the industrial economy (Roads, etc) and apply it to the key infrastructure of the knowledge economy (high-speed network infrastructure).

I'm of the belief that phone and cable companies are deliberately over-subscribing and creating network congestion in order to apply content privatization and filtering. I've been told many times by people who actually know that bandwidth is far cheaper than smart routers capable of doing this complex inspection/shaping, so the claim that they need to do this for legitimate business purposes is bogus.

My political agenda is obvious : I support the advancement of the new economy, and see the old-economy industries and unions as being in the way of progress that would benefit the vast majority in society.

Will the old-economy industries and unions own up to their political agenda, which is to try to slow down progress so that they can milk people for just a little bit longer?

BTW: Who would you ask? I am likely to use encrypted BitTorrent as a way to help other Canadians who are on less neutral ISPs to get the data (usually CC licensed movies or FLOSS licensed software) I am trying to share with them. I don't know, however, whether I ever represent the average case.

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