Speaking Notes for Heritage Minister speech on November 6, 2007

Speaking Notes for The Honourable Josée Verner, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Status of Women and Official Languages, on the occasion of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Convention.

See an article by Deirdre McMurdy in The Ottawa Citizen who covered the speech.

According to industry veterans, the CRTC has always touted its independence and attempted to remain above the fray. The heritage staffers have exalted their cultural imperative and the industry folks have come under suspicion for being excessively business-oriented. But that government stalemate is about to come under intense political pressure now that new federal copyright legislation is said to be about six weeks away.

Those who are tracking the legislation suggest that the powerful U.S. entertainment lobby has gained considerable traction with its demands.

See also: BLOG by Paul Vieira

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If a copyright Bill is six weeks away, that makes the timing of the recent Industry Canada report on p2p filesharing and the StatsCan report on the state of the Canadian music industry very interesting.

Parliament vs Bureaucracy..

We need to make sure that these studies are highlighted. We should not assume that just because the government commissioned these studies that the politicians have even read any of them. Please write letters to your MP to ensure that they then forward those letters to the right Ministers and committee members.

I personally don't think any of these studies should be taken as "fact" given what they are studying isn't really knowable. The two recent studies do serve as a more credible counterweight to the far less trustworthy numbers being made up by the industry associations. The old-economy industry associations and unions wants to claim that there is a crisis that needs drastic measures to solve, when what we are really seeing is an inevitable evolution in the marketplace brought on by advancements in technology.

BTW: What a nasty way to ruin our Christmas. I don't see the timing as being friendly at all.

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