OLPC’s XO Laptop hits mass production

Larry Dignan blogs on ZDNet about the OLPC moving into mass production. On November 12 the Give 1 Get 1 program starts where you buy 2 XO laptops, with one shipped to a child in a majority-world country and one shipped to your home. While I'm the child of our household, I still plan to participate in this program as I am excited to learn more about this project.

As Nicholas Negroponte has said, "It's an education project, not a laptop project", and I am far more interested in the use of Peer Production techniques being used in education than cool technical toys, no matter how cool the hardware is.

I'm obviously opposed to the work Microsoft is doing to get a stripped down version of Windows to run on this hardware. With Windows and other non-FLOSS installed it becomes just a laptop project, with all the key educational benefits of the project effectively gone.