CBC hopes to attract young, Net-savvy viewers through YouTube.ca

A Canadian Press article by Andrea Baillie talks about how CBC wants to increase their harnessing of YouTube through the YouTube.ca Canadian lens into YouTube content.

This is a far more sensible thing for CBC to be doing, than what some of the groups allegedly representing "creators" are asking for which is to turn Canada's Internet into something closer to China (Where excessive media regulation quickly turns into journalist jail-time).

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Something to watch

A very interesting move. I'm glad to know that CBC is venturing onto YouTube. The Privacy Commissioner Blog also has much content through YouTube.

The article mentions that rights for "Little Mosque" are being negotiated, but there isn't much about how the revenue is being distributed. I hope CBC is able to prevent something like the Writer's Union strike that's happening in the U.S. right now.

Not sure how to avoid an old-media strike..

ACTRA and others are already coming out in favor of regulating the Internet as if it were broadcast media (IE: which would amount to attempting to censor access to non-Canadian content to do CanCon, etc). See Geist's posts on "The Internet as Cable".

While there can be shared ad revenue possible through deals with Google, they aren't going to get into the regional-restrictions stuff that the old-media industry/unions are wanting. Revenue streams will be very different, and the content will be less controlled, and there will be a number of folks who wish it were still the 1980's who will oppose modernization.

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