CRTC to study the Internet

A Playback magazine article by Patricia Bailey includes:

In an interview with Montreal newspaper La Presse, Michel Arpin said the CRTC, which in 1999 decided it would not regulate the Internet, has since changed its tune. He says the federal regulator is studying the issue and plans to hold public hearings about the Internet at the end of 2008.

These will be critical hearings for our community to participate in. They will help decide whether the Internet will be regulated as if it were a form of traditional media (phone , broadcasting), or whether it will be recognized as a uniquely new media that just happens to be able to replicate the services of nearly every medium that came before it plus new methods of distribution that never existed before.

If the Internet were to be regulated as if it were a broadcaster, then much of this new creativity and communications capability that depends on new distribution mechanisms would be wiped out. This is exactly which is being asked for by film, TV and music lobby groups such as the Union des artistes, the AQTIS, the APFTQ, ACTRA and music industry group ADISQ. The requests of these old-media groups must be strongly opposed.

See also: Heri of Montreal Tech Watch.