Linux Community Questions x86 Server Numbers

Peter Galli of eWeek has an article quoting various Linux and FLOSS companies responding to the latest misinformation from IDC (which also does the BSA/CAAST "studies").

"They do not, they cannot, capture the great majority of Linux servers deployed in production. Our company is but one data point here: Our staff has been involved in over 1,000 Linux deployments in the past 15 years, of which only a dozen would appear on the radar of research companies like the IDC," Zymaris said.

I agree that the IDC figures may be underestimating FLOSS installations by a factor of 100. For the policy folks reading this BLOG, that means that the BSA/CAAST "piracy study" is inaccurate by the same amount, given the largest factor that makes up that study is their inaccurate estimates used to differentiate legal FLOSS use from infringing non-FLOSS use.