Verner urged to stop CRTC drift to deregulation

A CBC News article talks about a coalition of 18 artist and business groups who are opposing the current direction taken by the CRTC.

"By removing one stone, you threaten the entire structure. When the CRTC no longer strongly supports the policies under its responsibility, it sends a message that all of our cultural support framework can be called into question."

The problem is, that stone was already removed by advances in information and communications technology, and the entire cultural support framework has already been called into question. Asking the CRTC to regulate the Internet as if it were a "broadcast undertaking" is simply regressive, extremely harmful to the majority of Canadian creators, and should be rejected out of hand.

I believe we badly need to be looking at changing how we support Canadian creativity, with one advancement already being proposed by the CMCC: "Cultural Policy Should Support Actual Canadian Artists".

We need to move away from a regime that focuses on exclusive rights (Patents, Copyright, etc) and other structures that favor old-media/old-economy intermediaries (such as policy which invalidly treats new media as if it were "broadcasting"), and towards structures that support actual creators: no matter what their chosen method of production, distribution and funding is.

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