Phone Call with Peter Stoffer on ISP licensing

I received a phone call from Peter Stoffer (Sackville - Eastern Shore, NDP) in reply to an email message I sent yesterday. I had been watching an interview on CPAC just prior to Question Period, and part of the interview included a conversation about the fact that you would know he received your message if you received a phone call from him.

Note: I will not quote anything he said, as I didn't ask permission. I am only reporting the fact a phone call happened, and what I said in the call and the letter I wrote to spark the phone call.

His interest is to launch the debate on what he believes it is a critical issue. There has been similar bills tabled by several people since 1995. He seemed very open minded, and mentioned that he had heard some of the same concerns I raised from other people over the years.

I suggested that whatever bad things we want to reduce from the Internet (Child Pornography, Defamation, Copyright Infringement) that the debate will be similar and that he may want to engage in the ISP liability aspect of upcoming Copyright revision. I do not feel that having ISPs treated as other than common carriers was a good way to reduce any of these problems, and suggested that this would be similar to trying to use the "highway traffic act" as a method to solve problems where crimes are committed and the person left by vehicle.

I mentioned OGWifi and the possible new hot spot at the Parliament Pub (across Wellington from Parliament Hill) as an example of the types of non-profit community projects that wouldn't be possible in a regime that held ISP as other than common carriers.

Following is my e-mail letter.

Mr. Peter Stoffer,

As I am watching an interview of you on CPAC, you don't impress me as the type of person who would want to grant more power over media to large transnational corporations. This would be, in my evaluation, the outcome of the policy you have been promoting of ISP licensing.

I realize you aren't a technical person, and this email will be printed out by staff for you to read. I am a technical person, growing up as a teenager designing, building and repairing my own computer. I can help make sense of some of the issues, and try to put these technical issues in a larger context.

If you are interested in having a conversation about technical issues, including ISP licensing, Net Neutrality, or Digital Copyright, please let me know. I live and work in Ottawa, and can meet you at your Hill office at your convenience.

Russell McOrmond
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