How did past members of important committees do?

I did a quick lookup of the new list of MPs for those races for past members of Heritage Committee and members of Industry Committee.

Past Heritage Minister Honourable Hélène Chalifour Scherrer, Liberal candidate for Louis-Hébert, lost her seat to Roger Clavet of the Bloc Québécois.

Past members of Heritage Committee

  • Jim Abbott, Conservative candidate for Kootenay–Columbia, won his seat.
  • Carole-Marie Allard, Liberal candidate for Alfred–Pellan, lost to Robert Carrier of the Bloc Québécois
  • Mark Assad did not run
  • Paul Bonwick, Liberal candidate for Simcoe–Grey won his seat.
  • Sarmite Bulte (Chair, should be a focus of our work), Liberal candidate for Parkdale–High Park won her seat.
  • Jeannot Castonguay did not run.
  • Christiane Gagnon, Bloc candidate for Québec won her seat.
  • Gurmant Grewal, Conservative candidate for Newton–North Delta won his seat.
  • John Harvard was appointed Lieutenant-Governor in Manitoba
  • Nancy Karetak-Lindell, Liberal candidate for Nunavut won her seat.
  • Wendy Lill did not run.
  • Clifford Lincoln did not run.
  • James Lunney, Conservative candidate for Nanaimo–Alberni, won his seat.
  • Dennis Mills, Liberal candidate for Toronto–Danforth, lost his seat to Jack Layton of the NDP.
  • Gary Schellenberger, Conservative candidate for: Perth–Wellington, won his seat.
  • Caroline St-Hilaire, Bloc candidate for Longueuil, won her seat.

Past members of Industry, Science and Technology.

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So what traditionally happens to committee membership ?

Do members who were re-elected generally stay on the committee ?

Is there a complete overhaul ?

anyone know ?