Apple might be even more of a "control freak" than Microsoft.

An article by Kevin Tolly discusses how the iPhone has suggested that Apple may be more of a control freak than Microsoft. This isn't surprising to anyone who has been a long-time observer of the Industry, as many developers and consumers moved from Apple to Microsoft in the late 80's and early 90's because Microsoft provided the comparatively more open platform. While Apple appeared to "think different" in markets where its share was tiny, its true colours are shining in markets like portable media players and smart phones where they have a more substantial market share.

I want to own and control my hardware, and thus have never considered any Apple product. Tired of the centralized control that the Commodore Amiga had over the hardware and software of that platform, I moved from that platform to BSD Unix (On my Amiga) and then Linux (on an Intel Pentium generic box) in 1993. I have only run FLOSS platforms on my personal desktops and servers since.