Ontario Election Debate on Cultural Issues September 26 in Toronto

The Collaborative Piano Blog has an article about a debate in Toronto as part of the Ontario election.

Wednesday, September 26 at 7:30pm in the Isabel Bader Theatre (93 Charles Street West, Toronto), Elvira Kurt will be moderating The Great Arts Debate, where candidates from provincial parties can voice their positions and agendas on issues of importance to artists.

It would be great if anyone attending could post a summary.

Off-topic: Issues of primary concern to me is the referendum on MMP (I am strongly in favor of MMP), faith-based education funding (I believe in One School System), and the support of Peer Production/Peer Distribution (IE: Provincial Ministry of Education harnessing Open Access as a way to radically reduce the fees levied by legacy educational and journal publishers in the form of outrageously expensive textbooks, journals and Access Copyright fees).