CIPPIC replies: Ottawa South Green Party candidate

Received from John Ford:


;:You have sent a survey or questionaire for me to answer or fill out in order to answer questions you may have about Green policy or our stand on specific issues.

;:Due to an incredible amount of attention the Green party and I have received during this campaign, and even before the writ was dropped, my time has been at a premium. I have been, and am still working very long days trying to fulfull all requests, however I only have a couple of part-time volunteers to assist the campaign.

;:I am still trying to answer requests, but my only response is likely to be a one or two paragraph answer, rather than to fill out a detailed survey. I hope to do this by the end of this week, however I am still getting media requests for interviews and for debates which may not leave me enough time before the campaign ends.

;:I take this interest as an overwhelming victory for our goal to get the Green message out.

;:Even though you may not receive a personal response, you may find answers you are looking for in our platform documents and online policy:




;:John Ford / Candidate / Ottawa South
;:The Green Party of Canada -- Real Change, Real Choice