SCO FUD almost over...

What confused people into thinking that Linux was on loose legal ground is slowly ending with SCO filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware (The inside-US version of the "Cayman Islands" used to hide assets). See Groklaw for ongoing details. This is soon after it was found by a court that Novell, not SCO, owned the copyrights that were the basis of SCO's lawsuits.

SCO is now trying to avoid paying the royalty fees it will owe to Novell by trying to hide their assets in order to pay large legal fees to the same law firms who caused the whole problem in the first place. Novell isn't likely to be seen as a debtor given the royalties were Novell's in the first place (SCO was required to pass them through as part of the relevant contracts). Attempts to hide this money will likely be spotted by the courts and not seen as debt but attempts at theft. This will be interesting to observe.

This is the lengths of dishonest, immoral and sometimes also illegal behavior from FLOSS opponents. This should be a lesson to those confused about the legal standing of FLOSS given it should be clear that it is our opponents that will be found morally and legally bankrupt.