CIPPIC replies: Central Nova NDP candidate

Received from Alexis MacDonald Campaign:

;:Dear. Ms. Lawson,

;:Thank you for your email with regard to inquiring about the political parties' stand on law and technology issues. As you can well imagine, we receive numerous requests for responses to questions pertaining to election issues from a whole range of organizations and individuals. We are unable to respond in detail to your questions, however we would like to provide a few comments.

;:Unfortunately, these are complex issues where Alexis is not well versed in and is unfortunately not able to devote sufficient time to informing herself to provide a well rounded response. Suffice it to say that Alexis recognizes the value of copyright and its recognition of rights for individuals and organizations in their creative and innovative developments. However, there are categories of material where the access to such materials may not require copyright protection, such as in the case of some educational materials. As for spam, clearly this is a significant problem and needs to be dealt with on many levels, not simply government. Unfortunately your questions address issues where the legislation is not keeping up with technological developments. It appears that government is trying to "play catch up".

;:We must apologize for Alexis not being the one to directly respond to your question. However, your questions were discussed with her and our campaign team, and I was directed to respond to your email. As I hope you can imagine and appreciate, Alexis is extremely busy with this election and thus she is not able to respond herself to all of her numerous inquiries. Perhaps if you are available to attend one of her public appearances, you can further discuss this issue.


;:Wilma van der Veen

;:On behalf of the Alexis MacDonald Campaign
;:Central Nova
;:19 Bridge Ave., Stellarton
;:Fax: 902-755-0329