Millionaire monopolist Jim Shaw tries to tell us all what TV is worth watching and funding..

Dwight Williams passed me a note alerting me to how Jim Shaw is trying to manipulate the Canadian Television Fund to match his vision of television. See two BLOG articles by Denis McGrath: Jim Shaw: Fatuous Gasbag, Cultural Warrior, The WGC (Writers Guild of Canada) weighs in on Jim Shaw.

What do you think? In my mind much of what is going on wrong with cultural policy as well as copyright policy comes down to incumbent monopolists trying to change the rules in their favor to destroy new innovation. Whether we are discussing "DRM", Net Neutrality, the CTF or Media Concentration it seems to always come down to this dynamic. As a supporter of new innovative methods of production, distribution and funding of creativity, I find I'm always opposed to the incumbent monopolists (Shaw/Rogers/Bell, CRIA, Microsoft/Apple/Sony/Macrovision, etc).