Removing unauthorized locks applied by non-owners to cell phones

Michael Geist's weekly lawbytes article titled Unlocking the Mysteries of Locked Cellphones makes me think of the standard questions that I have of any technology these days.

  • Who owns my cellphone? (I bought my phone outright, and it is not part of a plan -- but it does have a "Fido" lock on it)
  • If I own it, why is anyone other than me legally allowed to put a lock on it?
  • If I own it, can it be illegal for me to remove a lock that someone else (a non-owner) put on it?
  • Will the so-called "Conservative" government in Canad protect tangible information technology property rights and ensure that people who own digital devices, including cell phones, be legally protected in their right to remove unauthorized (by the owner) locks -- including the right to hire someone else to remove these unauthorized (by the owner) locks?