Creators Connecting... 2007 version

One of the things I enjoy about being involved in copyright revision discussions is meeting with the very diverse individuals that you will bump into. I'm mostly interested in fellow creators. In 2002 it was meeting Susan Crean, which lead to many interesting conversations.

Last month I "met" Julianna Yau, a board member of CARFAC Ontario, on Facebook. She created a Facebook group about the Private Copying Tariff. We started chatting in the forums on the groups, but have continued in email.

Up until this time my only real understanding of CARFAC was from discussing visual artist issues with artists who disagreed with some of CARFAC's policies on Copyright who formed Appropriation Art. My conversations with Julianna has definetely corrected some preconceptions I had of CARFAC.

Looking forward to continuing to chat, and looking forward to the next event like CopyCamp to bring us all together. If you want to check out some of the things she writes about/links to, check out the forums on the CARFAC Ontario site.