Dalhousie gets Facebook animal research site yanked

An interesting article by Charles Mandel for CanWest News Service talks about a facebook group being yanked. At first glance you might think I would be opposed to such a thing, but in this case the institution simply wanted a "right of reply" to correct misinformation. To me free speech is both a right and a responsibility.

Charles Crosby, a spokesman for the school, said the school hasn’t used any dogs in its research for well over a decade.
Crosby said so long as debate occurred around the subject, the school didn’t have a problem, but once discussion was discontinued, the school took action.

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Free Speech

This is clearly an abuse of power. No one has the responsibility to "harbour the enemy", nor what one might consider errant thoughts.

The responsibility is solely to be true to one's self and speak up. If the university wants to reply, they have access to Facebook, legal defense against defamation, as well as their public website to speak out on.

And Facebook is due for a spine implant any day now...