Who's computer is it anyway ?

Wired reports on a DMCA lawsuit (in the USA) where somebody is accused of creating and distributing both instructions and a program for defeating the limits on the number of coupons from coupons.com that can be printed from one computer.

This sounds pretty straight-forward until you read that defeating this particular DRM involves deleting files or registry entries from your computer.

According to the experts cited, there's definitely a case here.

This is the reason behind the Petition to Protect IT Property Rights - if I own a computer, I should be legally allowed to delete any files I feel like at any time. If some company is foolish to assume that "if this file exists, don't enable the print function" constitutes sufficient security for their business model, they should go out of business pretty quickly.

(Granted, in this case the suit is against the person who told other people what files to delete, but to my mind that's a pretty minor difference, and the DMCA clearly covers the act of defeating a DRM as well as the act of telling somebody else how to do so).