The father of Linux has replied to the questions you always wanted to ask.

New Delhi, India, based magazine EFY Times has an article by Swapnil Bhartiya with an interview of Linus Torvalds.

The answers about the GPLv3 were of course the most interesting to me. Linus is basing his preference for the GPLv2 not based on a misunderstanding of the GPLv3 (IE: about whether it allows/enables him as a computer owner to lock down his own hardware), but a genuine disagreement with the GPLv3 fans like myself about whether hardware distributed bundled with GPLv3 should be allowed to be locked-up against the interest of the hardware owners. For Linus the issue is entirely about access to the source code to be able to re-merge back into the main project, and not at all about how the underlying software will be used (and not at all about IT ownership rights).

It is a perspective that I can at least understand and respect, even if as an IT property rights activist I don't agree.