Wikipedia entry for Digital Copyright Canada?

When I was browsing Wikipedia I found an article on MP3 Newswire that referenced Digital Copyright Canada so thought I would create a Wikipedia article for our group. I wasn't even finished editing the page before it was slated to be deleted. I'm pretty much giving up on Wikipedia as it seems to have become as controlled as traditional encyclopedia as far as contributions are concerned. Contributing to a peer production project shouldn't be this painful.

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It is always common to have deletion arguments on Wikipedia

Some articles seem to get proposed every week, which has certianly slowed down my level of contributing, as I was spending more time with AFD work than writing articles.

Sugest that others try to make the additions nentioned at:

References in the press that mention DCC would help.

Nothing New

I know this sort of thing all too well. Wikipedia has become a reference guide to pop-culture and science. Almost anything related to indipendently created content is likely to get removed, typically citing reasons like "no references" or how certain items "didn't contribute to anything by and large" I remember checking out a page, forget where now, and there were editors talking about deleting a large number of artists because they thought that they didn't contribute anything worthwhile even though I'm willing to bet they did.

I remember trying to add some things related to my own home town and even that was subject to removal. I noticed that even Slyck, a website that has been around for nearly a century now or something, was subject to removal because some idiot on Digg didn't like one of the articles. IceCube had to go in and do some stuff with the editors and even then, there's still a 'lack of references' despite there being multiple references in the article. Quite sad.