Heritage Minister Bev Oda expected to be shuffled? If not her, then who?

According to the CTV there is a cabinet shuffle, government being prorogued, and a new Throne Speech when parliament returns. It is all speculation, and it includes suggestions that Ms. Oda would be shuffled. We might as well join the speculation: who do you think would make a good Conservative Heritage Minister, and who do you think would make an extremely bad one?

Gary Schellenberger (Perth--Wellington) is the current chair of Heritage Committee, and he has appeared to me to be very old-school protectionist of the way creativity was produced, distributed and funded in the past. I wouldn't call him the Conservative version of Bulte, but that is only because I haven't seen him as visibly active. He seems to be likely to support the disastrous premise behind "DRM" which is that non-professionals (those who aren't tightly controlled employees by the incumbents) shouldn't be allowed to own and control their own communications technology.

We end up knowing the views on this area of policy of Conservatives on Heritage and Industry committees, but we don't know about other current ministers who might be shuffled in. I would love to hear about a possible person that would make a great Heritage minister that would be forward thinking on the combined cultural/economic policy of copyright.

Update: Michael Geist suggests that, "James Moore and Jason Kenney are rumoured replacements."