Ongoing debate about the proposed levy on audio devices by CPCC.

The Globe and Mail has an article discussing the levy on audio devices such as portable music players, cell phones, and eventually any digital device capable of storing and/or outputting audio.

The music industry won the right to charge small levies on blank CDs and DVDs in the 1990s, arguing that those products were used primarily to copy music and therefore artists deserved a slice of the sales. But the debate over iPods and digital music players is messier, and Canadian laws are partly to blame for muddying things.

While the bureaucrats put "clarifying and simplifying the Act" as the lowest priority in their Section 92 review of the Copyright Act, it should be clear that this should have been the first priority and a key test for all other revisions. Unfortunately the Liberal C-60 went in the opposite direction making things even more complex and impossible to interpret.