Toronto Star: Dangerous fake goods crossing border (Only listen to Britney Spears on "Authorized" hardware!)

A Toronto Star article by Iain Marlow talks about the "Counterfeiting" problem in Canada, including the following:

A parliamentary committee reported on June 20 to the House of Commons on how Canada could improve its dismal performance at the border. Among the committee's recommendations: government should make the importation and distribution of counterfeits a criminal offence; parliament should provide the CBSA with a clear mandate to target counterfeits; and that Health Canada needs more resources to investigate unsafe food and drug imports.

James Rajotte, the Conservative MP who chaired the committee, said it's not just about intellectual property rights, but about health and safety. "CBSA is doing the best job that they can, but they need to have the mandate to target counterfeits," Rajotte told the Star.

If this wasn't about intellectual property rights, then why was WIPO treaty ratification (Entirely about protecting the outdated business models of the content industry) includes as a recommendation in their report? I think someone is trying to use the "sharing music kills babies" style of political rhetoric to scare politicians into passing laws that will circumvent the property and other rights of Canadians.