RIAA Opposes Ms. Lindor's Request for Discovery into Agreements Among RIAA Members to Pursue Cases Collectively

Lawyer Ray Beckerman continues to blog the case involving Ms. Lindor's case against the recording industry for abuse of copyright. This is information that politicians need to be aware of, given the recording industry has been shown many times to be more guilty of illegal activity than the music fans they like to depict as being "thieves" or "criminals". The SlashDot reference explains it this way:

'The plaintiffs, who are competitors, are a cartel acting collusively in violation of the antitrust laws and of public policy, by tying their copyrights to each other, collusively litigating and settling all cases together, and by entering into an unlawful agreement among themselves to prosecute and to dispose of all cases in accordance with a uniform agreement, and through common lawyers, thus overreaching the bounds and scope of whatever copyrights they might have. ...As such, they are guilty of misuse of their copyrights.'

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Ms. Crain Counterclaims against RIAA for Using Unlicensed Invest

There seems to be so many of these that it is hard to keep up.

Ms. Crain Counterclaims against RIAA for Using Unlicensed Investigators in SONY v. Crain in Beaumont Texas

Is anyone aware of a case where an RIAA member has launched a filesharing case, actually provided the trivially collected adequate evidence of infringing activity, and won their case? It is hard to feel sorry for their predicaments that seem to be both self-imposed and predictable, and from an organization that has absolutely no respect for the tangible property rights of others.

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