CBC walks themselves into the Abortion debate: Is this really 2007?

As one of the first applications on Facebook when they opened up the API to other developers, CBC set up a Great Canadian Wish List. The idea was simple: facebook users would create "Wishes" which people would then vote for with their support. They said they would compile the top ones for Canada day, and have already started publishing editorials on these topics.

The abortion debate managed to get the top two spots. I suspect this wasn't expected that in the modern age where something like Facebook is possible that people are still hung up on these old issues. As someone who hates the idea of abortion, but who is very strongly pro-choice (I believe it must be the woman's choice, not the Government or some unrelated third party), I find it a bit embarrassing that there are enough Canadians on Facebook wishing to impose their views on pregnant women to bring "abolish abortion" to the top spot.