How Hollywood, Congress, And DRM Are Beating Up The American Economy

Cory Doctorow has given this talk titled "Happy Meal Toys versus Copyright: How America Chose Hollywood and Wal-Mart--and why it's doomed us, and how we might survive anyway." a few times (for Google, UC Irvine), and he now has an article Information Week.

Summary, in my words: The US government has given up on manufacturing and much of the rest of their economy in return for what they thought would be a privileged "first mover" position in a new Industrial Information Economy. This new economy hasn't emerged, and won't likely ever emerge. Even with receiving over 50% of worldwide royalties the US has not been able to replace what they gave up with what they mistakenly thought they could gain. They are fighting against the Internet and peer production, which are increasingly successful methods of production, distribution and funding. These competing methods are quite different than what they envisioned.