Death By Copyright .ca

I've posted my first batch of DVDs to MPs and other interested parties. The DVD is also available on line at It is a catalogue of art, culture and political expression which has been suppressed with the help of our already overly oppressive Intellectual Monopoly laws.

Sadly, I've removed a few items from the online version which I felt might get me into trouble with the copyright police.

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Wonderful !

Thanks a lot, Darryl. This is a great piece of work.

Review by Jack Kapica of the Globe and Mail

Jack Kapica reviews it on his blog

If there is anything wrong with the DVD, it’s that it will take some time to watch it all; I doubt many MPs will find the necessary time. And those that do are likely to be a self-selected sample of opponents to the bill.

Let’s hope that some sense of sanity can be brought to bear on the drafting of this bill. Mr. Moore’s effort is a big step in that direction.