Canada's latest Free Trade agreement

With the trend in recent years for free trade agreements to include all sorts of terms requiring countries to give ever greater monopoly rights to copyright and patent holders, I was more than a little worried when the Minister of International Trade announced a new free trade agreement with part of Europe.

Fortunately, this press release states that :

The Canada-EFTA FTA is expected to be a “first-generation” agreement with an emphasis on tariff elimination. It is not expected to include substantial new obligations in areas such as services, investment, and intellectual property.

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Is there such a thing as a modern trade deal without PCT?

I am curious if you have heard the latest theme of talks by Cory Doctorow where he suggests that the US has essentially given up the manufacturing (and most other sectors of their economy) for an ideological belief in some mythical "Intellectual Property" economy that will be based on the manufacturing, industrial-style distribution and funding of "bits of information".

If his suggestion is true, the whole rhetoric of reducing "trade barriers" may be part of that dangerous ideology with Canada giving up manufacturing (and other critical aspects of our economy) in exchange for something that can't possibly happen (the majority of the world, or even the majority of North Americans, buying into the "intellectual property economy" ideology. Clearly as a strong supporter of peer production and zero-marginal-price distribution of knowledge I am opposed).

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