CIPPIC replies: Wellington--Halton Hills NDP candidate

Received from Noel Duignan's campaign:

;:Dear Ms. Lawson,

;:Thank you for asking for Mr. Duignan's opinions on these issues. All election surveys/questionnaires are responded to by the NDP office in Ottawa on behalf of all NDP candidates, and Mr. Duignan is in full agreement with his party's position on technology related matters. Mr. Duignan believes that Canadian legislation in the intellectual property area must benefit Canadians in general and not just vested interests. The question of national identity cards raises serious issues of civil liberties, and is not something that should be brought into effect as a knee-jerk reaction to perceived threats, especially while other less invasive options do exist.

;:Colm Brannigan
;:Official Agent for Noel Duignan (Wellington-Halton Hills)

;:Tel: 1-866-308-3330

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Candidates blindly endorsing party position.

I wrote an article for our mailing list talking about candidates like Noel Duignan who are endorsing the party position even when none has been written yet. The NDP in the past has had MPs on all sides of our issues, so there is no unified party position expressed so far to endorse.

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