Video piracy statements in the house by Maka Kotto

A few people noticed the questions from Maka Kotto during Question Period. Gordon Duggan of the Appropriation Art coalition wrote the following letter, and received a "familiar" response.

Dear Mr Kotto

It is with great disappointment that I learned of your reckless comments in the house yesterday. Your position appears to be based on statistics from a campaign by the American film industry to support their own interests. These statistics are highly questionable and are akin to using tobacco industry statistics on cancer. The rush by politicians to fall into line with the desires of American industry is shocking to say the least disappointing. A better solution would be to find independent statistics to confirm or denounce those put forth by the MPAA. The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative did not feel that the MPAA statistics were reliable enough to upgrade Canada's rating why do the Bloc? Camcorder piracy is a crime but the problem is not a copyright issue but one of counterfeit . The danger is, as always, the collateral damage of new legislation, if it is illegal to record with camcorders in theatres it is a very small step to make it illegal to record with a camcorder everywhere or if it is illegal to record with a camcorder is it also illegal to record with an ipod or other device.

Even more perplexing is that you, in one sentence condemn Canadian copyright for being out of date and then call for the ratification of treaties signed before digital media was even an issue.

The protection of Canadian culture should be the primary concern of the government and when "Canada's New Government" fail to do so Canadians look to the Opposition Critics to step up in defense of Canadian culture. This is the second call in as many months for the rights of average citizens to be be suppressed to suit international corporations, bill C36 being the other. Canadian copyright will not benefit from simply doing what the Americans demand Canadian copyright reform might do better looking at what the UK are doing as a more sensible approach

Attached are some links and papers which you should look at.

Gordon Duggan gowers_review_intellectual_property/gowersreview_index.cfm (space added to allow wrapping)

And the reply (Look familiar?)


Prenez note que notre objectif n'est pas d'américaniser l'industrie, mais bien de découvrir où va ce gouvernement qui n'a pas peur de prendre des positions très en faveur des intérêts de notre voisin du Sud.

Marc Thivierge
Adjoint parlementaire

I hope people in Québéc are reading this, and wondering why a party that wants sovereignty from Canada seems intent on encouraging the Conservatives to giving away cultural sovereignty to the US?

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