CIPPIC replies: Kitchener--Conestoga Green Party candidate

Received June 15:

;:I am afraid that I do not have enough time or knowledge to give this questionnaire the response it deserves.

;:Thank you for your interest.
;:Kris Stapleton

The following was received June 17:

;:I have familiarized myself with the Green Party policy on open source software. The passage below is for posting.
;:Thank you,
;:Kris Stapleton

;:Green Party Policy - Open Source Software

;:In this era of increasing technology dependence, both in business and in daily life, software has become a vital economic resource. Software applications must be trustworthy, reliable and easy to use. The Open Source Movement is emerging as a competitive rival to privately developed and marketed software, producing programs of equal or better reliability and security.

;:The Green Party will:
;:- Require federal agencies to initiate transitions to open source operating systems and productivity software.
;:- Make technology that has been developed at public expense, a publicly owned resource. Software that has been developed at taxpayer expense will be released under an open source license, making if free for all Canadians to use.
;:- Procure only software that stores, loads and transmits information in industry standard formats, for which full technical specifications are available. Procurement of systems that require closed licenses or use vendor-specific formats would be used if no alternative is available.
;:- Shorten the length of software patents to seven years. The software business cycle is so fast that longer patents only stifle innovation.