This Post is a copyright violation

At least it would be if we lived under the repressive system of American Intellectual Monopoly laws. Why? Because I've posted the secret code that will unlock any HD-DVD made to date

09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0

The above code was copied from here. Cory Doctorow, who is a well known Canadian science fiction writer also had the same information on one of his blogs but when he received a take down notice he decided to withdraw the information.

Not only is this an example of bad copyright laws, but it is an example of futility. There are hundreds of other sites with the same information. You can't (and should not be allowed to) use copyright law to control dissemination of information. Alas, that is what the United States, (the self professed leaders of the free world) have resorted to. Sad indeed.

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Is it really?

The above mentioned code is simply a hexadecimal number. Is it really possible to copyright a number, even in the US?

Can I get a copyright on the number 15, or Pi?

Further wouldn't the act of registering the copyright on the number reveal the very secret that the manufacturers are trying to keep secret?

Nobody is claiming

Nobody is claiming you can copyright a number. What they are claiming is that this decryption key (A very large prime number) is part of a tool that would be used to circumvent a technical protection measure used by a copyright holder to stop copyright infringement. It relates to the most controversial part of the DMCA, the 1996 WIPO treaties, Canada's failed Bill C-60, and the future Conservative copyright bill expected to be worse.

The whole concept of the anti-circumvention provisions is to disallow computer owners from removing the locks that someone else put on hardware which they own, and to disallow someone from unlocking legally purchased content so that they can access it on the hardware/software combination of their own choosing. If you think that these should be legally protected rights of Canadian customers of content and owners of hardware, then sign our petitions and do whatever you can to oppose Canada ratifying the 1996 WIPO treaties or otherwise passing anti-circumvention laws.

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