Should you be concerned about the sale of CHUM Limited to CTVglobemedia Inc.?

An article in The Straight by Charlie Smith talks about many of the issues with the possible sale of CHUM Limited to CTVglobemedia.

I strongly support having the multiplicity of voices needed for our modern democracy as well as our emerging knowledge economy. I consistently oppose any regulatory, economic or technological developments that will centralize the control over the means of production, distribution or funding of creativity/innovation. While the DRM issue negatively affects software developers more directly than Net Neutrality or media concentration issues, these issues have a lot in common.

It is critical peole realize that in some cases protecting decentralization of control over media requires more regulation and in other cases it requires less. It is not possible to overly-simplify things by suggesting that all regulation is bad, such as we have seen from lobbiest like Marc Goldberg. In an article he posted on March 3 he tried to chastise Michael Geist for suggesting that regulation in some cases is harmful, while in other cases it is helpful. While Michael Geist is consistent in trying to support a multiplicity of voices, and policies that would support this, Marc appears only concerned that telecommunications companies be able to leverage their assets in any way they wish - regardless of the negative impact on Canadian society or the economy.