Writers' Union speaking out, but will they say anything helpful?

With all evidence now looking like a spring election is unlikely, you can expect lobbying efforts to increase until Ottawa actually introduces their promised new copyright legislation.

The Writers' Union of Canada, who unfortunately I do not see as being friends of writers, is planning a press conference in Ottawa on April 16th to push their view of copyright upon the Government. Unfortunately their view is probably not in line with what most people who read and contribute to this site consider to be a positive change.

In their last submission to the Heritage Committee on copyright they asked for many things we are fighting against, including extension of copyright term to 70 years, protection for Digital Restrictions Management Software, DMCA notice and take-down provisions, new making available rights, and many more undesirable changes. Unfortunately what they present on the 16th will likely be in the same vein.

We all need to speak out against this on or before the 16th. Particularly if you are an author, let MP's know you do not support this Union's goals, and there are better ways to improve copyright legislation.

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Check with TWUC

If anyone reading this is a member of the Writers Union of Canada, please check with the union to find out their current position. I am not as certain that their position remains unchanged, and believe that educational work and lobbying within the union itself can be quite fruitful. Everything I hear suggests that there is considerable diversity within the membership, which might translate to more modern positions on policy for the organization on a while.

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