CIPPIC replies: North Nova NDP candidate

Received from Trish Spark, Campaign Manager:

;:Please note!

;:We have received on the average of 5 questionnaires or surveys per day from persons or groups who would like to have our Candidate's views on some very important issues.

;:Our NDP Candidate for North Nova, Margaret Sagar, has every intention of responding to your concerns. However, as you can appreciate, time is very limited during a campaign and her schedule is very tight. Many of her days have been scheduled far in advance and she is usually campaigning from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily.

;:You may obtain a copy of our platform that may respond to some of your concerns and we also have issue sheets that are available on the Federal web site:

;:We did want to acknowledge receipt of your communications and ask for your patience as she tries to find time to respond.


;:Trish Spark
;:Campaign Manager

;:Margaret Sagar NDP Campaign
;:1 Queen Street Truro NS B2N 1V0
;:902.843.3394 (Tel)
;:902.843.3393 (Fax)

;:Jack Layton and today's NDP
;:New energy. A positive choice.