Why the commercial ebook market is broken

Author Charles Stross has posted an article describing the reasons why the eBook market is a failure. And if you thought as a full-time author he was going to write about the "evils" of copyright infringement, you would be entirely wrong.

There is one possibility of a future eBook market that was not discussed. If we focus only on fiction or the cultural sector that will be largely based on royalty-based business models, the eBook market makes no sense. But what if the eBook hardware was financed through the desire for non-fiction works that were peer produced (IE: had no marginal cost, and were paid for in fixed-cost ways). If everyone already had vendor neutral eBook readers (IE: anyone who believes DRM will help them are excluded from this analysis as DRM kills any possibilities) in order to read their textbooks, science and medical information, then low-marginal-cost priced fiction could be marketed to be accessed with these existing devices.

The problem is that there are far too many authors who ignore or politically oppose a diversity of methods of production,distribution and funding. They are promoting radical changes to the law to privilege the industrial methods against the larger knowledge economy, and end up cutting off their noses to spite their faces.