Maybe Google Wanted to be Sued: YouTube and Plan B

I want to draw attention to an interesting BLOG article by Michi Kono that talks about how Google knew that the lawsuits against YouTube, and likely bought them to ensure that it was Google defending YouTube and not the smaller YouTube defending YouTube.

There are critical questions of law that will be decided in this case, and anyone who cares about the future of the Internet for Peer Production and user generated content should be thankful that it is Google that is taking this on.

This may be the legal battle that defines the new economy: do we protect the incumbent business models, snapshot the economy and never move forward -- or do we allow future innovation to disrupt legacy business models?

Note: While Google's roll in all this is not surprising, the position from Microsoft is. They may not realize that their short-term support of the old-economy content industry will come back to bite them as -- if Microsoft has a future at all -- it will be with post-industrial methods of knowledge production, distribution and funding.