Met 3 MPs in one day?

Today was a very interesting day. I had meetings with Mr. Charlie Angus (Timmins -- James Bay, NDP) and Hon. Hedy Fry (Vancouver Center, Liberal). Both meetings went very well, and I will write more details later.

I also attended The Dialogue on Technology, Society and the Future. Industry Minister Hon. Maxime Bernier and Heritage Minister Bev Oda gave opening remarks as Honourary co-chairs, but had to leave soon after to attend a caucus meeting. Also from the Conservative caucus were James Rajotte (Chair of Industry Committee) and Rahim Jaffer, both alumni of University of Ottawa.

There was a member of parliament who stayed to the very end, and who I had a chance to have a good conversation with during the reception: Hon. Mauril Bélanger (Ottawa-Vanier, Liberal), also alumni of University of Ottawa. I have met Mr. Bélanger many times in the past as I previously lived in Ottawa-Vanier, and so we were able to just pick up a conversation after such an interesting evening.

I think the panel was far more optimistic about the future of technology than I am. I feel that before we talk about advances in technology, we need to deal with the basic social and legal issues with our current technology. Mr. Ian Kerr spoke about embedded technology, a situation which I think is outright dangerous given our policy makers are taking the control of technology out of the hands of their owners. It is bad enough that our iPods and other portable media devices have legally protected remote control by the vendor for their own ulterior purposes (most of which has nothing to do with the alleged reasons for this control), but this becomes a massive violation of our human rights when this same bad policy is allowed to exist with wearable and/or embedded computing. It makes Orwell's 1984 seem like a non-issue in comparison.

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Maxime Bernier's Introductory Remarks

The Industry Canada Website has speaking notes. On the Heritage Canada website for Bev Oda it simply says There are no speeches at this time.

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