What the Internet is, and what it is not.

An article on p2pnet includes a Web version of PDF submission to the FTC from Jay Sulzberger on the Internet.

Now cable TV is not the Internet, but most speakers at the FTC's workshop spoke of the Net in ways that treated it as if it were just a form of interactive TV, with some extra special services bundled with interactive TV, "web viewing", email, and doubtfully, voice over IP.
We now state explicitly the main implicit error which underlies the FTC's present failure to engage with the issue of Network Neutrality:

Main Implicit Error: The Internet is not some bundle of services delivered by the Telephone Company and/or the Cable Company.

Where Jay said that the Internet is not a bundle of services delivered by the Telephone and/or the Cable Company, I go further by stating that in order for us to protect the new economy the underlying network must be separated from the Telephone and/or Cable companies.