SXSW Day 6: Gilberto Gil Wants to Free Digital Culture

A BLOG article by Brad King of Technology Review discusses a session that Brazil's minister of culture gave at SXSW. It seems that this event is "Mardi Gras than policy summit", and thus those wanting to discuss critical policy issues spoke to smaller audiences. Gilberto Gil is part of a growing movement that spans the entire globe, although I wish our Canadian Minister understood what was under debate. Of the opposition parties, only fellow musician Charlie Angus seems to shares the forward-facing vision.

His goal, he said, has been to change the ways that artists view themselves--and their choices for distribution and ownership--in the digital age. Paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson, Gil said that the candle metaphor--a common argument made by those who are pushing for a relaxing of intellectual-property-rights laws--was his guiding principle at the ministry.