Media reports wrong: John Baird is the Ottawa Light Rail Killer

I wrote the following letter to the editor this morning in reply to an article by Lee Greenberg of The Ottawa Citizen.

I am getting more and more frustrated by how the media is reporting the Ottawa Light Rail issue. In Thursday's paper Lee Greenberg seemed to be suggesting that it was the City council that killed the project, when in reality it was John Baird who killed the project by refusing to sign the contribution agreement.

While Mr. Baird is costing Ottawa taxpayers huge amounts of money in court fees and the delay in modernizing our transportation system, the Conservatives are pumping money into Toronto. If the media was reporting the Ottawa rail issue property, people would realize the hypocrisy of these pre-election photo opportunities.

I've written my MP David McGuinty and my city councillor Clive Doucet, both of which I know are working on this issue. I wanted to let them know that I support what they are doing.