The Psychology of Security

A draft article by Bruce Schneier discusses the psychology of security.

Security is both a feeling and a reality. And they're not the same.
Or, more generally, you can be secure even though you don't feel secure. And you can feel secure even though you're not. The feeling and reality of security are certainly related to each other, but they're just as certainly not the same as each other. We'd probably be better off if we had two different words for them.

This is important to think of this separation when discussing "DRM". While it is mathematically/scientifically impossible to protect copyright against the owner of a technology cable of accessing it, there is an extremely emotional (not scientific) demand for this type of false-protection from some copyright holders. These industry associations often admit in their oppositions to modernization of the DMCA and other anti-technology laws that the technology can't tell the difference between lawful and unlawful activities, suggesting to lawmakers that it is still appropriate to block both.