Open Standards: And California Makes Four

California now joins Massachusetts, Texas, and Minnesota in the league of US states that have moved towards adopting laws mandating use of open stadards in government agencies. As an informative < ahref=""> Standards Blog entry states, the proposed legisaltion requires "all documents, including, but not limited to, text, spreadsheets, and presentations, produced by any state agency shall be created, exchanged, and preserved in an open extensible markup language-based, XML-based file format." The reasoning is simple: citizens should be able to access their government documents in a neutral format that is not tied to any specific proprietary regime. These US states are in good company - a number of European countries seem to be seeing the light too.

Unfortunately, after some time there has been absolutely no such success in Getting this Open Source Logic INto Governments in Canada. Instead of merely bemoaning lack of resources and throwing up our hands, how can we be more effective at this? For example, is the present minority government situation an opportune time to get a private members bill considered? If not, what else could be done?