Perspective: Why the tech industry still can't get its way

A CNet article by Charles Cooper discusses how the technology industry is doing when it relates to the intersection of politics and technology.

Each week, it seems, brings fresh evidence of the increasing intersection between the worlds of high technology and politics. Yet it's also clear that the tech business sector commands less influence with our political class than its size might suggest.

The Canadian situation is worse, with many of the largest technology companies considering themselves to be North American -- considering Canada to be a "Branch Plant" of the USA. The reality that the political and legal systems are different, and that better tech-friendly laws in Canada could help their work in the USA, seems to be being ignored thus far. Fighting anti-technology and anti-innovation laws, such as information/mental process patents, anti-circumvention legislation or other government mandates on behalf of the technology hostile incumbent content industries, would be much easier if Canadians were more actively involved and supported.