What makes you think that it's YOUR X-BOX?

Mod chips are handy little devices which can be put into game consoles to significantly expand their capabilities. With them game consoles such as the Xbox or the PS3 can be modified to use larger hard drives, recordable DVD drives, run alternate operating systems, and many other things.

Microsoft's Xbox for example is sold by Microsoft at significantly reduced price compared to standard PCs because of the strong game console market competition. As a result, with the help of a mod chip, anybody can take an Xbox, add a mod chip, and end up with a fully function PC for about half the cost of a similarly equipped PC would otherwise cost.

Mod chips ARE LEGAL in Canada. As well they should be. Their only function is to navigate around the anti-competitive software obstacles put into place by the game console manufacturer. The console manufacturers will tell you that these obstacles are put into place to dissuade software piracy, and yes, they are moderately effective. And yes, the mod chips are a serious threat to that effectiveness.

However those game console manufactures wont tell you about the significant non-infringing uses of the mod chips. Who's X-Box is it anyway? Why should you need Microsoft's permission to make changes to a piece of hardware you bought?

Unfortunately the legal status and legitimate uses of these chips are no barrier to big multinational corporations trying to import American law (where mod chips have been deemed illegal) and intimidate Canadians. Why do our laws not carry any sort of penalty for companies employing these sorts of intimidation tactics?