WIPO Deveopment Agenda meeting underway

An International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) article discusses the development agenda (EFF) talks that have been underway this week.

In the run-up to the session at WIPO, the Indian government hosted a gathering in New Delhi from 5-7 February to try to provide input to the discussions in Geneva. Participants looked at the development agenda proposals, and streamlined the 40 originally set for consideration into 22. These focused mainly on technical assistance, norm-setting, flexibilities for public policy and the public domain, technology transfer, information and communication technologies and access to knowledge, assessments and impact studies, institutional matters and other issues.

I haven't reviewed the document to know if the "open collaborative methods for the production of public goods" (the language used by some of the WIPO development agenda proponents for peer production, FLOSS, Open Access, Creative Commons, etc) is still directly referenced.

One of the problem areas seems to relate to opponents to the "public domain". This will be familiar to anyone involved in environmental protection with the ideology seen from some special interest groups that suggest that anything not owned and developed is worthless and should be exploited. The reality is that the entire of our economy is built upon various forms of the public domain, and knowledge is no different.

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