How does Canada compare to other countries ? is an attempt by PC Pitstop to assess the validity of the recent claims by US industry that Canada is a "haven for piracy". Their conclusion ?

Our results do little to support the premise that Canada is a safe haven for digital media piracy.

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I don't understand what it is measuring..

Could you give a summary of what they claim to be measuring, and how they get this information? I don't see a reference to methodology and data sources on the site. It looks to me like the same type of speculation and biased guesswork that is used by the BSA/CAAST or RIAA/CRIA in their (largely bogus) infringement statistics.

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Answers from PC Pitstop

I asked PC Pitstop about methodology and what the numbers actually mean. Here's their reply (posted with permission, of course) :


We have a very large list of every installed software application on every computer that runs our full test. We have 150K new computers per month test. We categorize these applications into groups. Three of these groups are P2P, DVD Decryption & ripping, and CD audio. So 50% P2P last month means that half the computers tested for the first time on our site had a P2P software application in the installed program list.