RIAA to US ISPs: Help Us Sue Your Customers Better

An EFF article posted by Cindy Cohn includes:

EFF and others have long warned that copyright claims could become an altar on which personal privacy is sacrificed. Now the RIAA wants your ISP to voluntarily wield the knife, and there's no telling what else the RIAA might ask for once this cut has been made.

Canadians should remember that it is our stronger Privacy legislation, which requires that the copyright holder provide a minimal level of evidence of infringing activity before the court will allow the disclosure of private information. That resulted in the lost court case for CRIA members in BMG Canada Inc. v. Doe in 2005. Rather than spending a few minutes to collect evidence for a new court case, they have instead spent their time falsely claiming that Canadian copyright needs to be radically changed.

Rather than allowing US special interests to force Canada to lower our legal standards to that of the USA, we should instead help encourage US citizens to raise their legal standards by adopting adequate privacy legislation in the USA.