Art Hanger (Conservative, Calgary Northeast) tables signatures for Petition for Users' Rights

Art Hanger, the Member of Canadian parliament for Calgary Northeast, today tabled a batch of 87 signatures for the Petition for Users' Rights. The signatures were colleced in Calgary by Brett Wuth at a talk by Richard Stallman in Calgary on May 18th, 2005 : The Danger of Software Patents.

From Hansard for February 21, 2007:

Mr. Art Hanger (Calgary Northeast, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, I have two petitions to present to the House today.

In the first petition, the petitioners call upon Parliament to ensure generally that users are recognized as interested parties and are meaningfully consulted about proposed changes to the Copyright Act and to ensure in particular that any changes at least preserve all existing user's rights, including the right to use copyrighted material under fair dealing and the right to make private copies of audio recordings.

The petitioners call upon Parliament further not to extend the term of copyright and to recognize the rights of citizens to personally control their own communication devices.